Facebook Marketing Is A Special Situation

Categories: Blog, Facebook Marketing | Posted on Sep 6, 2015

Facebook MarketingWhen it comes to marketing, the internet has changed things tremendously. There was a time in which you could simply take out a magazine or a newspaper ad, and call it a day. Those days are long gone, however, given way to the days of the internet.

Yet even marketing on the internet has changed. A decade ago, internet marketing was a matter of buying some ad space on a website, having a website of your own, and calling it a day. If you were feeling especially cutting edge, you could also set up your website in such a way as to allow people to buy your product over the internet. You might have even set up an e-mail list, allowing people to e-mail you their problems and questions and ensuring that they would get a response.

The advent of social media changed everything. Facebook turned basic marketing into more than a one-way lecture. No longer is marketing just a matter of telling your potential customers what you have, and convincing them to give you money for it. That sort of marketing simply doesn’t work these days. There are a number of reasons for that, but by and large it comes from the fact that advertising became so ubiquitous on the internet that many people are able to simply ignore it. Not only that, but many people have programs on their internet browsers that allow them to disable all advertisements.

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Instead, businesses have begun using Facebook marketing in order to get their marketing done. Facebook marketing is different from traditional marketing because it’s not a one-way lecture the way traditional marketing and advertisements are. Instead, it opens up a conversation, turning what was once a situation where a business simply talked at a customer, to a situation where customers begin to interact with the business.

This is useful in several ways. First and foremost, it gets a customer invested in the business. Instead of just seeing things as a business relationship, it becomes a more friendly relationship. People can post information and questions directly to the business, and have someone from the business post directly back. It feels more personal, and more intimate. This helps build brand loyalty.

The other thing that makes it especially useful is that it makes the business seem more human. Instead of a cold, banal call system or e-mail list for information, it allows the business to post up all manner of personal things. Pictures of employee work areas, amusing anecdotes from around the office, all of these things can be posted up on the Facebook page. This allows for customers to see the business not as some mysterious “other” from whom they must get product, but instead as a group of humans doing human things.

Ultimately, if a business wants to make it in today’s world, they have to have a handle on Facebook marketing. There’s simply no way around it. So make sure you have someone skilled in Facebook marketing if you want to increase your marketing presence.

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